Our vision is founded on the belief that Hopi culture, language, and values offer a natural learning environment where students have a unique opportunity to mature and thrive; we also believe “every child is like a seed and if each seed is nurtured, it will grow best in its own plot of earth”. ​

The Hopi school is working to develop an educational process that is derived from Hopi rather than imposed from the outside. With Hopi strengths in the arts, that is an obvious place to start.

​Hopitutuqaiki was originally conceived as a year-around arts magnet school, using the strengths of students (arts) as the center of the curriculum. The school will use Hopi language, culture and values as the means of presenting a curriculum that satisfies Arizona state standards but is derived from a Hopi perspective and nurtures rather than oppresses Hopi students. 

The school started a Hopi language immersion, arts-based preschool in 2008 as a part of the summer program. The preschool will continue as a part of each summer arts program. We would like to find funding to make that program extend throughout the year, planning then to add one grade level each year until the goal of a full arts magnet school for Hopi is attained. 

During this building time, the school also plans to continue its summers arts apprenticeship program for children and adults.

​Read the school Origin Story:  

Hopitutuqaiki has subscribed to an online library.  They have thousands of books and countless other resources, all searchable.  You can also download any of the documents from there. 

Hopitutuqaiki Origin Story
Hopitutuqaiki Origin Story