Hopitutuqaki, The Hopi School, is dedicated to developing an educational process derived from Hopi Indian philosophy, values and methods.  Always before, Hopi students have been taught in schools using values, philosophy and methods designed for and derived from an outside culture.  

While this effort is not quite unique, there are very few schools working with Native American students that use the students' own culture, values, background and strengths as the basis for the school, the curriculum, the educational process.  

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There are Fall and Spring classes.  Call for information.  
PO Box 583
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
Phone: 928-401-6451
Email:  hopitutuqaiki@icloud.com
Board Members: 
Ramson Lomatewama
Donna Humetewa
Mary Duwyenie
DeAlva Honahnie
Marvin Pooyouma
Robert Rhodes

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The 2019 class schedule should be available in February.